It's almost secret reveling time!

This and more will be revealed for the very first time at the Dustbowl Arts Market tomorrow! This can all be yours unless someone gets to it first. See ya at the Dustbowl!

Dustbowl Arts Market
Saturday, August 29th
Buchanan Street on Campus Corner, Norman, Oklahoma
Come say hello and stay for some great bands playing throughout the evening!


Sneak Peek at more new items: Cut Out and Collect

Cut Out and Collect will be offering some very special back to school items for students returning to the University of Oklahoma, including some oversize book bags and reusable composition book covers made with rare Japanese linens. These composition book covers keep your standard composition book stylish and slip on and off when you need to replace the notebook.

The studio has been quite busy creating some large accent pillows to help spice up dorm rooms and stylish Oklahoma mansions, alike. And what dinner party is complete without a retro hostess apron!?

Of course, Cut Out and Collect has been hiding away some very special fabrics to offer Oklahoma buyers the signature handbag in brand new prints


Sneak Peek at more new items: Dowdy Studio

When Dylan of Dowdy Studio isn't printing up some mean whale patterns for the Super Sneaky Collaboration, he's in his studio working on his one line of screen printed clothes and prints.
Something new Dylan will be revealing for the first time at the Dustbowl Arts Market is his hand-dyed and printed tees. The hand-dyed look is great for achieving that vintage worn look without the vintage worn tee.
Dylan's also been making little mini prints. He'll have a few for sale at the Dustbowl Arts Market, so get your hand on them before they're gone. And if you aren't fast enough, you'll be able to find them in his Etsy shop soon.

Sneak Peek at more new items: Pamela Michelle

Not only are we working on our Super Sneaky Collaboration Project, but we're also working on our own creative endeavors. Each one of us has something new from our personal collections to present at the Dustbowl Arts Market too.

Pamela Michelle has created some new mini handmade wood necklaces that will showcase for the first time ever at the Dustbowl.

Also new, but not brand brand new is Pamela's revamped Art Necklaces. Each one is made by her from a mini print of one of her original paintings. So you can wear art around your neck all the time.

Stay tuned to see what Cheyne and Dylan are up to.


New Designs from the Super Sneaky Collaborators

Introducing our newest member to the Super Sneaky Collaboration Project. This is a small clutch printed by Dowdy Studio, sewn by Cut Out and Collect and embellished with a wood button hand made by Pamela Michelle.

Lay your eyes on this adorable clutch for the first time, and maybe the last, at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman this Saturday.

Also fall in love with our mini zipper pouches that are fresh out of the studio and ripe for accessorizing any style.

These too will make their debut appearance at the Dustbowl Arts Market. Get there early before they swim away.


Something Super Sneaky is going to happen at the Dustbowl

Join us this Saturday, August 29th as the Super Sneaky Collaboration Project travels up to Norman, Oklahoma from Dallas, Texas to showcase all our secrets at the Dustbowl Arts Market. This is your chance to meet the 3 indie designers behind the Super Sneaky Collaboration Project.

The Dustbowl Arts Market
is an open-air art and handmade market taking place along Buchanan Street on Campus Corner. Artists will be selling original jewelry, clothing, accessories, paintings, prints, pottery, screen printing, photography, paper and much more. All created by regionally local artists.

See artist interviews and all the bands playing at the Dustbowl before the Dustbowl here


Meet the designers: Pamela Michelle

Located in a small studio in Dallas, TX, Pamela Michelle creates and designs original artwork in wood, on canvas and on paper that you can wear, hang, love and enjoy.

Pamela Michelle started in the mid '07s by the designer and illustrator Pamela Jackson, as a way to unleash her imagination on the world, with modern influences and a Scandinavian twist. Her line of jewelry includes unique handmade wooden necklaces, oval art necklaces and wooden rings. She also sells prints of her original paintings and on occasion her original paintings.

Pamela Michelle was born and raised in north Texas. When she was a little girl her father would let her play in his wood shop and teach her the basics of wood working and other things most little girls didn't get to experience. She spent most summers with her grandparents in Arizona, where her grandmother would take her on nature hikes through the mountains to go bird watching, and her grandfather would enlighten her about her rich Scandinavian heritage. All three of these influences are apparent in Pamela's work today which she claims "a part of my heart is embedded in each painting or illustration I create."

When not creating, Pamela Michelle is very involved in the local artist community. Pamela co-runs a group in Dallas called Etsy Dallas that's main focus is to support the handmade community of artists and designers. Each year Pamela focuses on planning 2 big indie craft shows to showcase this blooming indie talent, the Spring Bash and the Jingle Bash.

Pamela also really enjoys working with others and collaborating on creative new and innovative projects. Pamela, along with Cheyne and Dylan are all very excited to showcase their Super Sneaky Collaboration Project for the first time at the Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, Oklahoma.


Meet the Designers: Cut Out and Collect

Cut Out and Collect is the brainchild of seamstress Cheyne Little. She designs and creates handbags, wallets, and home decor using two hands, rare fabrics, an intense attention to detail, as well as a sense of humor. Cut Out and Collect began as a way for Cheyne to avoid graduate school, jobs involving fax machines, and other acceptable adult endeavors, more than three years ago. She regrets to inform us that she used a fax machine last week.

With successful architects, photographers, and seamstresses in the family, it was no surprise that she would choose to pursue a career in the arts. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Art History, she traveled to Thailand to volunteer at the National Museum in Bangkok and explore a new world of artistic expression. Cheyne found herself spending more time with her own sewing projects. Upon returning to Texas, she leapt into the world of independent business!

When she's not behind the sewing machines, she can be found pouring a freshly roasted cup of coffee in Arlington's Coffee Haus Downtown. Cheyne explains "I still love to get out of the studio and work with others. I think it's important for anyone working in a creative field to give themselves a change of pace every now and then." She runs a small boutique inside the independent coffee shop with the goal of bringing the handmade movement to Arlington. The boutique sells strictly handmade and limited-production items (including necklaces from Pamela Michelle) to ensure a unique shopping and gift-giving experience.

She still believes in Santa and always asks him for world peace as her Christmas present. She also knows a secret cupcake recipe for bribery and swears by the healing properties of coffee and indie rock dance parties.


Meet the Designers: Dowdy Studio

Meet Dylan, the artistic drive behind what is Dowdy Studio, a screenprinting and t-shirt shop based out of his studio Dallas, TX.

Birthed out of the great state of Oklahoma, Dylan comes from a large family of artists and entrepreneurs. His first job was working for his family in their family-owned chain of dry cleaners. There he learned proper care and handling for all types of clothing which is apparent today in the way he cares for each tee he prints. His creative spark was encouraged by his father, Tad Dowdy, a well known model train designer and builder, fine artist and sculptor, who's work can be seen in Dallas at the Artisan's Collective.

Today, Dylan hand-draws all his illustrations that he then prints on tshirts. The combination and juxtaposition of images interests him the most in his work. The majority of his designs are inspired by music and musical instruments and are then transformed into other animals or objects.

For one item of this Super Sneaky Collaboration Project Dylan used one of his juxtaposed illustrations of a whale and a baby grand piano, The Grand Whale, to print a one of a kind fabric that was made into an original handbag by Cut Out and Collect, along with some smaller items.

Along with running his own indie business, Dylan is also a proud member and leader of Etsy Dallas, a collaborative group of Dallas area handmade artists and designers, who team together to put on the Spring Bash and the Jingle Bash, marketplaces for handmade artists and designers. He's also a super boyfriend to fellow Super Sneaky Collaboration Project designer, Pamela Michelle. You can often find the two of them teaming it up and helping each other out at indie craft shows year round.

Looking to get your hands on some Dowdy Studio? Dylan also sells his wares online in his Etsy shop, at multiple indie craft shows from Austin to Oklahoma, and in store at Make Studio in Dallas.


Welcome to the Super Sneaky Collaboration Project

3 independent designers with a collaborative secret travel to The Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, Oklahoma from Dallas, Texas to present to you their Super Sneaky Collaboration Project.

See the secret that is the Super Sneaky Collaboration Project designed by Dowdy Studio, Pamela Michelle and Cut Out and Collect at the Dustbowl Arts Market, a open air, all handmade market focused on originality and innovative art on Campus Corner in Norman Oklahoma from 10am-6pm. In the spirit of being collaborative, these 3 designers, who are leaders in the handmade movement in Texas, have kept their collaborative designs top secret until now, and will showcase and sell them for the first time at the Dustbowl Arts Market.

Shevaun Williams
, a nationally renowned commercial photographer, who often houses the 3 young designers when they come into Oklahoma says “These are innovative, young artists from the Dallas area. We can learn so much from these young designers through their interest in collaboration, groundbreaking ideas and commitment to a vision.”

Collaborative efforts between artists can encourage growth and spawn innovative ideas as each artist is forced to view their artistic medium in new and different applications. Dylan of Dowdy Studio, an artist birthed out of the great state of Oklahoma, hand-prints his original hand-drawn designs on tshirts, and has recently teamed up with his girlfriend, Pamela Jackson of Pamela Michelle and friend Cheyne Little, of Cut Out and Collect to create new collaborative designs. Pamela Michelle has been creating handmade wooden and art jewelry inspired by her paintings since 2007. The Scandinavian decent is apparent in her retro-modern and youthful illustrations and designs. Cut Out and Collect originally began as Cheyne Little's attempt to avoid graduate school and has grown into a line of one-of-a-kind handbags, accessories, and home decor items known nation-wide. Born in Oklahoma City as well, Little has deep family ties to the University of Oklahoma and comes home for the Dustbowl Arts Market.