Meet the Designers: Cut Out and Collect

Cut Out and Collect is the brainchild of seamstress Cheyne Little. She designs and creates handbags, wallets, and home decor using two hands, rare fabrics, an intense attention to detail, as well as a sense of humor. Cut Out and Collect began as a way for Cheyne to avoid graduate school, jobs involving fax machines, and other acceptable adult endeavors, more than three years ago. She regrets to inform us that she used a fax machine last week.

With successful architects, photographers, and seamstresses in the family, it was no surprise that she would choose to pursue a career in the arts. After graduating with a Bachelor's in Art History, she traveled to Thailand to volunteer at the National Museum in Bangkok and explore a new world of artistic expression. Cheyne found herself spending more time with her own sewing projects. Upon returning to Texas, she leapt into the world of independent business!

When she's not behind the sewing machines, she can be found pouring a freshly roasted cup of coffee in Arlington's Coffee Haus Downtown. Cheyne explains "I still love to get out of the studio and work with others. I think it's important for anyone working in a creative field to give themselves a change of pace every now and then." She runs a small boutique inside the independent coffee shop with the goal of bringing the handmade movement to Arlington. The boutique sells strictly handmade and limited-production items (including necklaces from Pamela Michelle) to ensure a unique shopping and gift-giving experience.

She still believes in Santa and always asks him for world peace as her Christmas present. She also knows a secret cupcake recipe for bribery and swears by the healing properties of coffee and indie rock dance parties.

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