Meet the Designers: Dowdy Studio

Meet Dylan, the artistic drive behind what is Dowdy Studio, a screenprinting and t-shirt shop based out of his studio Dallas, TX.

Birthed out of the great state of Oklahoma, Dylan comes from a large family of artists and entrepreneurs. His first job was working for his family in their family-owned chain of dry cleaners. There he learned proper care and handling for all types of clothing which is apparent today in the way he cares for each tee he prints. His creative spark was encouraged by his father, Tad Dowdy, a well known model train designer and builder, fine artist and sculptor, who's work can be seen in Dallas at the Artisan's Collective.

Today, Dylan hand-draws all his illustrations that he then prints on tshirts. The combination and juxtaposition of images interests him the most in his work. The majority of his designs are inspired by music and musical instruments and are then transformed into other animals or objects.

For one item of this Super Sneaky Collaboration Project Dylan used one of his juxtaposed illustrations of a whale and a baby grand piano, The Grand Whale, to print a one of a kind fabric that was made into an original handbag by Cut Out and Collect, along with some smaller items.

Along with running his own indie business, Dylan is also a proud member and leader of Etsy Dallas, a collaborative group of Dallas area handmade artists and designers, who team together to put on the Spring Bash and the Jingle Bash, marketplaces for handmade artists and designers. He's also a super boyfriend to fellow Super Sneaky Collaboration Project designer, Pamela Michelle. You can often find the two of them teaming it up and helping each other out at indie craft shows year round.

Looking to get your hands on some Dowdy Studio? Dylan also sells his wares online in his Etsy shop, at multiple indie craft shows from Austin to Oklahoma, and in store at Make Studio in Dallas.

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